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NFL Draft Top 25 Big Board

The NFL draft just keeps getting closer PGF Nation and today I'm going to give you guys my NFL draft Big board, top 25 prospects I'm going to tell you who I really like in this draft who I think the elite guys are in this class and We're going to take a deep dive look at these prospects . Tyrone should be back next week and I've got some amazing guests lined up for these next few episodes, so be sure to stay tuned for that. But let's get started here for you guys to follow me on twitter and instagram. I posted a sneak peek a few days ago of my top 10 NFL draft big board prospects. So if you follow me on social media, you might have saw those already. It's a lot of guys that we've already spent a lot of time talking about. So I'm not going to spend a whole bunch of time breaking down the top 10. I'll get a little more in depth with some of these later prospects that we haven't touAched on as much in these recent episodes, but I'm going to start at the top here.

Number one, of course, is Trevor Lawrence. We've talked a lot about him, the size, athletic ability, the arm, he just checks a ton of boxes. This kid is really, really special, a high high level prospect, going to be a lot of fun to see how his NFL career plays out in Jacksonville. My number two prospect in this class is Penei Sewell the offensive tackle out of Oregon. I think outside of Trevor Lawrence he's one of my very few can't miss players. We talked a lot about him in these recent episodes as well, so I'm not going to spend a whole bunch of time on him but he just has an incredible blend of size and athletic ability. He's got some of the quickest feet I've ever seen on an offensive lineman so powerful in the run game, just blows defenders back, can pass protect, rarely gives up any pressures or sacks.

Just an unbelievable prospect, You just don't see prospects like this every day. He's the kind of guy you probably don't see an offensive tackle prospect like this once and maybe every 10 years. That's how special of a player Penei Sewell is. Number three is Kyle Pitts the tight end out of florida. He's getting a whole bunch of NFL draft buzz and rightfully so when you watch this guy's tape he's such an incredible playmaker, the size and athletic ability to speed. I've said it on earlier podcast, this guy is going to be a mismatch nightmare. He is going to tear the league up. I don't think it matters where he goes. I don't think the scheme or any of that stuff matters. Sure. I think having a good quarterback will help him. Having a good O-Line you know, a good offense around him will certainly help just like it will anybody, but this guy is just such an outstanding talent. I think he's going to excel at the next level no matter where he ends up. And those three guys for me, those are really the can't miss guys in this draft Those are the three guys that I would be the most surprised of any. If any of those guys turned out to be bus I would be absolutely shocked. Those are easily the top three players in this class. For me at number four you've got the next tier of guys still very elite but not quite in that top three for me and number four I've got Ja'Marr Chase the wide receiver out of L. S U. He took the season off last year. He opted out, we'll Sewell did as well.

And a lot of these guys did that, that's on this list. But last that we saw Ja'Marr Chase, he was absolutely tearing up the SEC for the L. S. U. Tigers. He's got outstanding size, pass catching ability, he's just a big time playmaker, he's going to be a chain mover. I don't think he's as quite as explosive as a couple of these other receivers and I'm going to mention here, but he's just a very very complete player. If I was going to make a player comp he kind of reminds me of a young Larry Fitzgerald which is really high praise. But I think he could be that level of player when it's all said and done very high on Ja'Marr chase and number five is Jaylen Waddle the wide receiver out of Alabama, probably one of the most explosive players in this entire draft.

He is a home run hitter, he's a yards after the catch monster. Just a big, big time playmaker. You're gonna hear playmaker a lot when I'm talking about these guys because we've got a special group here of guys that really can become true elite wide receivers and he's one of those guys I think the injuries might be the only real concern for him, but I expect him to bounce back and have a really good NFL career. I think he is poised to be a number one receiver somewhere, at number six Micah Parsons, the linebacker out of Penn state. I've said it on prior podcast as well when talking about Micah Parsons, He's an elite linebacker. Very few linebackers the last couple of years remind me of this guy. He is such a complete player, outstanding speed. And the thing about Michael Parsons is he's the perfect linebacker for today's NFL.

He can cover, he's got that sideline to sideline speed. He can pick up wide receivers in the passing game, but he can blitz, he can cover the run. He's an intelligent player, just an outstanding linebacker. Another guy who opted out but blew people away at his pro day and really solidified his status in this draft at number seven is a guy that quite frankly I won't shut up about because he's one of my favorite players in this entire draft. He's climbing draft boards and he seems to be getting a lot more NFL draft buzz from other podcasters from other analyst and writers It seems like he's starting to get the attention that I felt like he deserved from the beginning. And that's Jaycee Horn. The cornerback out of ll but, with that being said, he's got great mechanics, he's got good accuracy I love his toughness, his grit, his competitive spirit He throws a nice ball.

He can make all the NFL throws and you have to love the fact that he's a dual threat quarterback because he's very athletic. He's going to be able to keep plays alive on third down. He's going to be able to elude pressure. So he's definitely has a lot of upside as well as a quarterback. But moving outside of the top 10, we're going to touch a little bit more in depth on some of these players that we haven't talked about as much here on the podcast. Number 11 for me is a guy who's also been climbing draft boards and I was high on him from day one and that's Alijah Vera Tucker, the offensive lineman out of USC. He's 6' 4" 315 lbs. He's the best interior offensive line prospect in this class. Now granted he did play tackle and guard at USC and I love that about him because he showed a ton of versatility.

I think he projects better as a guard at the next level. But he's got ideal size, ideal power. He's really a powerful run blocker This guy can really blow defensive lineman off the ball. He can get to the second level and pick up linebackers because he's got good athletic ability, very solid and pass protection. He's just a very, very complete player. I think he's going to be a day one starter for somebody looking for an interior offensive lineman But also, like I said, a versatile guy who could play tackle in a pinch and could come in and fill in for guys. I think he's going to be a really valuable asset for somebody on the offensive line because he's got that prototypical NFL size NFL strength. Just a really really good prospect. A guy that I'm very high on at number 12.

I've got Caleb Farley, the cornerback out of Virginia Tech. This guy when you watch his tape man, you want to talk about awesome athlete. Just awesome size for an outside corner at 6' 2" 197 lbs. He's long he's fast, he's athletic. He makes those wow plays when you watch his tape just outstanding and man to man coverage with big time ball skills. This guy was a former wide receiver and it definitely shows when you watch his tape because he is a threat to pick it off and take it to the house anytime he gets his hands on the ball. Now he's not quite as good in zone coverage as he is in man to man. But he did show some improvement in the zone at Virginia Tech. So not a huge concern there I think is a pretty versatile player and could play in multiple different schemes for for him.

It's well known at this point, but injuries are the big red flag for him and it's probably the reason that even though I've got him at number 12 on the big board, realistically he could slide out of the first round or potentially be a late first round pick. He has easily top 10 talent in this draft. I don't think there's any doubt about that. His talent is absolutely outstanding. But with the injury concerns, he's had multiple different issues with injuries. And I think because of that there's a chance he slides in this draft. But if he's a guy that could potentially stay healthy, I think he could be a big time, big time cornerback at the next level. And I think once the late first or second round rolls around, someone's going to roll the dice on Caleb Farley and hope that he can stay healthy And if he does man watch out because this kid is really talented.

Number 13, this is a guy that I have to admit flew a little bit under the radar for me and the more I read about him and started watching his tape and then hearing about some of our guests who have had in the previous two episodes talk about him. I started paying closer and closer attention to his game and I'm starting to really, really like what I see and that's Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, the linebacker out of Notre Dame, 6' 2" 216 lbs. He really fits the mold of today's modern linebacker. I said that earlier about some of these guys like a Micah Parsons, the days of guys being 6' 4" 250 lbs, you don't see that as much anymore because you have to be more versatile There's just so many more passing plays, So many more running backs that can play and catch out of the backfield You've got faster, more athletic tight ends than you've had in years past.

And so linebackers are being forced to be more versatile. They're not just big run stoppers anymore. And so this guy really fits into that scheme A guy who could really be a three down linebacker. I mean he can cover in blitz, he can stop the run get pressure on the quarterback. Really explosive man When you watch his tape, this guy flies around, he's got a nose for the football. And I think that's because he's just got a really high football, I. Q. In great instincts. His first step when you watch his first step man, he just explodes to the football and just a wrecking ball man Koramoah if you haven't seen this guy's tape, go check him out on YouTube. He's a blast to watch. I think he is going to be a menace when he gets into the league.

I think he could fit into a lot of different schemes with that versatility that speed and all the different things he can bring to a defense. So I'm really high on a Koramoah. Number 14 I've got Zach Wilson. Now this is a guy we've touched on in prior episodes. He's the quarterback out of BYU. He's six ft 3 210 lbs. Now I discussed this with Tyrone. I'm not 100% sold that that's his size. Tyrone thinks that he is, but you have to realize that's very close to the measurables of Justin Fields It just doesn't pass the eye test to me. Justin Fields looks clearly bigger when I watch his tape. So I have a hard time believing that Zach Wilson is 6' 3" 210, I would not be surprised if he was closer to 6' 1" or 6' 2" maybe 205 I don't know, granted he still has the size that he can play at the next level.

If Drew Brees can play at the NFL level and become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, then I'm not that worried about Zach Wilson size, but it's not prototypical. He's not that big, big tall, strong kid he's maybe slightly undersized, but I don't think it will be a huge detriment to his game, but he is a good athlete and that's one thing I really like about Zach Wilson. He can escape the pressure and he throws well on the run. He can make those off balance throws just really stellar arm talent. I think that's by far his best quality. I think that's what the Jets are falling in love with when they see him and why he is going to be the number two pick. Like I said, he can make those off platform throws, he can make those side arm throws, he can really manipulate that arm angle and make all kinds of plays.

And I think that is something that we see more and more in an NFL game as guys that can adjust to the pass rush and adjust their bodies and still make a play in tough situations, very accurate thrower. He's got very nice touch and he shows really good anticipation and timing. I think that might be his best trait and it's something that I don't see enough of with some of these other quarterbacks outside of Trevor Lawrence, he really can throw his guys open and and put it into tight windows. I really like that about him now. He made big improvements from 2019 to 2020. If you look at his 2019 tape, he was a bit reckless. There was times where it seemed like he was trying to force way too many throws. But in 2020 he really put it all together in climb draft boards and solidified his status as one of the best quarterbacks in this class.

For me, the big concern and I've touched on it before was that he beat up on a lot of cupcakes at BYU and he didn't play well versus Coastal Carolina, which is really the only good team he played all year. So to me that's a red flag. I really like to see guys played a high level against the highest competition. We saw that from Justin Fields against Clemson. We didn't see it from Zach Wilson. So that's a little bit of a concern. But either way, I think he's a good overall prospect. Be fascinating to see what he can do at the next level. At number 15. I've got quickly pay defensive end out of Michigan. He's 6' 4" 277 lbs. Sky high potential when you're talking about quitting pay. I mean with the right coach in the right system, I think this guy could be a big time defensive star.

Now he blew scouts away at his pro day. Really, really showed up, showed off the athletic ability. He's got perfect size for the position to play defensive end, awesome blend of size and athletic ability. But what I really like about him is his motor. This guy doesn't give up on plays He's a high energy guy. He's big and athletic and I think he could become a really disruptive pass rusher at the next level. He's got big, strong, powerful hands he's able to keep offensive lineman off his pads. Now the red flag for him is he didn't produce enough considering his ability, you would have expected better numbers and production from him. But most people think it really had more to do with the coaching staff at Michigan and that he was improperly used. This was a guy that they kind of lined up all over the D-Line.

They asked him to do a lot of different things. I don't think all the things they were asking me to do really suited his talent. So I think at the next level he's going to be able to come in and just play defensive end where he should have been lined up all along and and not be bouncing around the D. Line. I think he's a perfect guy to play that DE spot and really develop in that one position instead of trying to be a jack of all trades, I think he could become a very high level player at the next level. Number 16 in this class for me is Patrick's Surtain the cornerback out of Alabama 6' 1" 203 lbs. We've talked a lot about him so I won't go too in depth on his game but he's a three year starter with so much big game experience at Alabama That's one thing I really love about him.

I love his size and length, prototypical size, It's like he was came out of a cornerback mold. His dad of course played at that level for a long time He's got that NFL D. N. A. He's been coached at the high level for so long. Whether it was his dad or Nick Saban. Just a highly highly intelligent football player who can really read an offense. I mean he knows what's happening before it happens. I love his football I Q. And his ability to just diagnosed a play and be in the right place at the right time. Now he doesn't have elite speed. I think he has solid speed but the really fast elite wide receivers with speed could be a problem for him. But this is a guy who's a really polished prospect. I mean he has a high high floor I don't think he has quite is much upside is some of these other players in this class because with him you basically get what you get.

I think he's going to come in and just be a very, very solid starting cornerback at the NFL level, but he's essentially a finished product at this point. That's how well coached in how polished of a player. He is very disciplined He'll come in and be a very solid player. I just don't know if he's ever going to be a great player. I just think he'll be a very good player and essentially the chances of him being a bust are slim to none. But I also think the chances of him being a Hall of Famer are slim to none as well. I just think he's a guy that's going to play a very high level. A very solid starter for probably a very long time in the NFL because of his discipline and technique. Number 17 on my big board is Jaelan Phillips edge player out of Miami.

He's 6' 5" 258 lbs. He had several injuries while he was at U. C. L. A. He played his first couple years of college ball out on the West coast for the Bruins, but then he transferred to Miami and he really shine He was able to put it all together when he came, played for the hurricanes, A very complete edge player who can rush and stop the run, his size, his length and athleticism or outstanding checks. So many boxes for what you're looking for in an edge defender and his versatility. I think he's going to make him a handful for any offensive line. He is going to be a disruptor at the next level. And once again, like I said, the versatility I think is going to allow him to play and almost any defensive scheme, I think he could play a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside linebacker.

I think he's that talented just checks every box for an NFL edge player. The only red flag for me is that he really only had one solid year production now. Like I said he had some injuries and some things that U. C. L. A. Where he never really put it together. He came out as a high level five star recruit and was kind of a disappointment his first couple years of college. But like I said when he came to Miami he was able to stay healthy. He was able to get on the field and be a big time player and that's why he's going to be a big time prospect in this draft. He's kind of a boomer bus guy. Some guys are kind of down on him. Some guys are higher on him. I'm kind of in the middle, but I do think he's one of the top 25 players in this draft and I think he has definitely high upside and could be a very good player at the next level.

And number 18 on my big board is Trey Lance, the quarterback out of North Dakota State 6' 3" 224 lbs. We've talked a lot about him as well. I won't go too in depth, but for me, like I said earlier on this podcast, he's got to be one of the most intriguing players, if not the most intriguing player in this entire draft, but he's also the toughest player to evaluate for me. I've really had a hard time figuring this guy out now. He played in a pro style system at North Dakota State and I do like that a lot about him because I think it helps prepare him more than most quarterbacks coming out and it was a system that allowed him to audible and change protections at the line of scrimmage. You don't see that much nowadays from college quarterbacks and he has ideal size.

He's a big athletic kid, athleticism and arm strength are outstanding and he's probably, and could be the most physically gifted quarterback in this entire draft outside of Trevor Lawrence, really, really high upside intriguing player here because the experience for me is really the big red flag, only 17 starts and all at the FCS level. Not that we haven't seen guys come from the lower levels and play at a high level in the NFL, but that's still not very much experience and not anything on tape where he played a big boy. He never played any high level competition where you could see him going up against elite college players. So just a very hard player to figure out. But I do love the upside for him and I love the athletic ability and his ability to make plays on the field as a runner as well as a passer.

So he's going to go high in this draft and someone's definitely going to take a chance on him But yeah, he's an intriguing prospect, not really completely sure what to make of him. My number 19 prospect in this NFL draft is Jamin Davis, the linebacker out of Kentucky, 6' 3" 234 lbs. This is another guy who's been a big time riser in this draft. Small sample size is really the concern for him, but not his physical tools man. He's got all the physical tools and I'm not kidding. When you watch his tape. He is an awesome awesome athlete. Just incredible combination of size with a big frame, long arms, explosive player, man that just jumps off the T. V. When you watch him. He makes those eye popping plays because he's so quick I mean for a guy his size, you just cannot believe how fast this guy can move sideline to sideline range really incredible range.

You might have the best range of any linebacker in this class, maybe outside of Micah Parsons. But this guy is really, really impressive incredibly high upside for this guy because I think he's still developing as a prospect. But the upside for me is completely valid when you watch his tape because this guy can just do so many things on a football field and is just going to be an incredible all round player. Once he gets coached up a little more and gets a little more experience under his belt, he could be a guy that really pops in year two or three, but I am really high on him because the athletic ability and size is just off the charts. Number 20 on my big board free safety Trevon Moehrig at a TCU 6' 1" 208 lbs, ideal size and length for an NFL free safety ran a 4.5 40, he's got that kind of speed.

He's the best safety in this draft and this, this is a class that's not extremely deep at the safety position, but this kid easily headlines this class for me and makes it just inside my top 20. He's really good in man to man but he's great in zone coverage. His man demand skills are definitely above average. I don't think it's a weakness in his game, but he's really, really good in zone and can cover a lot of ground. Another guy with really high football IQ, just diagnoses plays very quickly and puts himself in a good position more often than not. What I really like about him is he's a complete player in coverage and he's good against the run. A physical safety who can get downhill, isn't afraid to get dirty, really love the attitude and fire that he plays with a guy that I think is climbing draft boards and we'll probably get picked late in the first and I think he's going to be a steel because safety's tend to get slept on a little bit in the draft, but can really be a beneficial player in the back end. A lot like we saw Antoine Winfield Jr. last year, a guy who slid into the second round and ended up being outstanding player for the Tampa Bay buccaneers and was a big part of that championship run for them. This is a guy who I think could come in and be a day one starter in an immediate impact player for somebody at the free safety position. Number 21 for me is Najee Harris the running back out of Alabama. I love his power and determination when you watch this guy run the ball, he can get downhill physical, tough runner, he can get north and south between the tackles but he's also has enough speed to run outside on those stretch plays as well. A very complete player of physical runner man. It just pounds defenders when he's got the ball in his hands, plays through the whistle. Love that about him. The athletic ability, whether it's jumping over defenders or even making guys miss that size. He's a pretty special player, a very high level running back now. For me, he does run a little bit too tall, a little too upright sometimes. I think he exposes himself to big hits and that could be a problem at the NFL level. I'd like to see him get his pad level down a little bit. But man, he showed improvement last season as a pass catcher and as a route runner and I think he's solidified himself as a complete running back, A true three down running back. Who is going to add a ton of value to somebody late in this first round at number 22. A guy who I have rated just barely below Harris is Travis Etienne the running back out of Clemson.

He's has a really nice blend of size and speed and is a really decisive runner I liked it when he finds the hole, he hits it hard he doesn't like to dance around and try to make guys miss. Not that he can't, but I like his decisive running style that he just puts his foot in the dirt and takes off. And when I say takes off man, this guy is a home run hitter in space, you get this guy in space he has elite top end speed to really pull away from defenders. Once he gets past that second level, you better hope a safety or corner can get a hand on him because if they don't, he is gone awesome balance in quick feet. He's tough to bring down. He's another guy who's a three down back who is a definite threat out of the backfield now he can be a liability and pass protection and that could be an issue as far as keeping him on the field and third down because at the NFL level coaches can get pretty frustrated with running backs who can't protect the quarterback on third down.

That's something he's going to need to improve. But I also think it's something that he can improve. Its something that he can work on, I'm sure he will be working on. But from a skill standpoint this guy is pretty outstanding. He's got, like I said a really nice blend of power and speed, athletic ability I'm pretty high on Etienne and we saw him do it against elite competition in some of these games against teams like Alabama and other high level programs in the college football playoff. So I'm really high on each and I think he could be a really special player.

Number 23 for me is a Zaven Collins, the linebacker out of Tulsa. You want to talk about a guy who's got the blend of size, length and power. This guy checks all the boxes if you're noticing a trend with the high football IQ I keep mentioning it's because I tend to rank guys a little bit higher who are intelligent football players. So for me when I see a guy like this who can read and react to plays at a very quick and very decisive level to me that gives you more points. And this is a guy who does that very complete player. That's another thing that I look for, I don't like one dimensional players and this guy is certainly not one dimensional, he could fit almost any scheme. He plays the run, he can play in pass coverage, he can Blitz and do all of these at a high level and he's shown that time and time again on his tape. He just always seems to make big plays in big situations. And that's another thing I love about his game gets downhill in a hurry and he can really just hit guys with some pot because of his size and the athletic ability.

He's a guy who also seems to be climbing draft boards and a guy that I didn't know a whole lot about going into this draft process played at Tulsa. So I didn't catch a whole lot of him in college football. But the more I learn about him the more I watch and read about him, I'm starting to think that this guy could be a big time linebacker at the next level and can really be a steel in this draft and number 24 Azeez Oljulari, he's an edge player for Georgia. A lot of people project him as an outside linebacker in a 43 defense. And I think he could be a guy who develops into a pass rush specialist because he's got natural pass rushing abilities Really high motor never gives up on a play. I love his hustle, his toughness, he's competitive and he's got just a really explosive first step.

His overall quickness is outstanding. He can really get off the ball. He's got nice bend around the edge. Now, the thing about Ojulari, he's a very raw prospect and when you watch his tape, he tends to win with athletic ability a little too often. He's going to have to develop his pass rush moves at the next level. So he's a guy that might not popular one, but if he works hard and develop some of those pass rush moves with these NFL coaches that he's going to be working with, I think your two year three, this is a guy who could really come on and maybe become a 12-13 sack a year guy I think he has that kind of upside, not as polished as some of these other prospects on this list, but the athletic ability is outstanding in the upside is very high.

And the last player to make my big board top 25 is Christian Darrisaw. Offensive tackle out of Virginia Tech, 6' 5" 314 lbs, he has ideal size and frame for an offensive tackle in the NFL really checks those boxes. He's exactly what you're looking for as far as his frame and build. But he's an athletic big man and he really moves well for his size. Now he excels in zone blocking and he's really excellent and past coverage. He's a guy who is going to be a very complete offensive tackle. But I also think as good as he is in zone blocking, he's an outstanding pull blocker who can really finish at the second level. I mean this guy just destroys linebackers. He time's up his blocks really well. Now the two big knocks on him and we talked about him with one of our guests in an earlier episode you have to go back and listen, he takes too many plays off and that's a red flag for me.

It's a bit concerning because his ability is clearly there and for the majority of the time he is smashing guys in front of him and making big plays. But you see these handful plays every game where it just seems like he's not giving it his all, like he's just kind of out there. And for me that's a little bit concerning. Some of the reports I've read is he's not necessarily the strongest guy. I think he needs to hit the weight room a little bit, but that's something that I think he can improve clearly at the next level. He's definitely a guy who I think is probably the third best offensive lineman, maybe fourth best offensive lineman in this class. And he has true tackle size and a lot of tackles in this draft are going to project more to guards where I think this guy is a true tackle. So that adds a lot of value as well But that is going to do it for today's episode. I really hope you enjoyed hearing my top 25 big board players for this NFL draft. We've got some more amazing guest down the road here guys on these upcoming episodes. We're going to be covering the draft in depth for you PGF Nation, so stay tuned for that and we'll catch you next time.

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