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Miami Dolphins Draft Grade

The Miami Dolphins, in the first round, with the sixth overall pick, they took Jaylen Waddle the wide receiver out of Alabama. He's five foot nine and a half and 180 pounds. This guy has absolutely game changing speed. This guy is a lightning rod defenses will absolutely have to know where he is at all times because he is an explosive play waiting to happen. He can carve up defenses underneath. He's good in the intermediate routes, and downfield. He's a very complete wide receiver. Now he's not a big guy, but he still wins those 50/50 balls which is really impressive when you watch him, he can just go up and climb that ladder and get those balls, pick those balls out of the air. He's just a very tough competitor and I really really like Jaylen waddle man. He had 11, 50+ yard touchdowns in his career at Alabama, so you want to talk about a home run hitter, this guy is a big play waiting to happen. Now he also adds value on special teams because he averaged over 19 ya

New York Jets Draft Grade

New York is a big market team and I know a lot of PGF nation follow the Jets of course. This had to be an exciting draft for the New York Jets. It started with the number two overall pick as we know, they took Zach Wilson the quarterback out of BYU, he 6'2" 214 pounds. I love this kid's confidence, that's probably the number one thing about him. He is a confident kid, he's a gunslinger. I love his attitude, he's got a live arm we've talked about him a lot because obviously there's going to be a lot of focus on the quarterbacks, but when you look at his arm that's really what stands out, he's a really good passer on the move. He's got a quick release, he's twitchy and a mobile quarterback. He can escape the pocket. You gotta love that about him, he's gonna be able to make those moves out of the pocket and he's good down the field. He's really great off platform and he can manipulate that arm angle, he can throw sidearm etc, an