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Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Grade

The Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round with the 24th Pick, selected Najee Harris, the running back out of Alabama. He's six foot one and 232 pounds. Harris is the most complete running back in this draft, and that's why he was the first running back selected. He was the number one ranked running back on my draft board. I'm pretty high on Harris after evaluating his game. He's powerful but elusive. He's fast but he doesn't have pull away speed, he doesn't have the home run hitting capabilities of a Travis Etienne, but he has very good speed and he's good in the open field. He shows nice agility and good change of direction. Harris has a very low fumble percentage. This is a guy who's going to rarely put the ball on the ground. He's a three down back who really worked hard to become a complete player at Alabama, and it's because he can catch out of the backfield and he's pretty good in pass protection as well. You have to love that abou

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Grade

The Cincinnati Bengals first round pick, the fifth overall pick, they took Ja'Marr Chase the wide receiver out of LSU. He's six foot one and 208 pounds. This guy had big time production. He set a single season SEC record for receiving yards and touchdowns in 2019. He opted out of the 2020 season but last time we saw Ja'Marr Chase, he was absolutely shredding SEC defenses, and he did it with great hands. He has some of the best hands in this entire draft with great ball skills. Chase is a really good after the catch player because he's elusive and he knows how to get in the open field, and turn small gains into big yards. He is also a very underrated blocker. When you watch his tape he knows how to use his physical frame and make good blocks for guys downfield. He can make plays at all three levels underneath, the intermediate, and the deep ball. He's a very complete wide receiver. The knock on him would be that he only had one great year in college, it is a limited

Baltimore Ravens Draft Grades

The Baltimore Ravens, in the first round, with the 27th overall pick they took Rashod Bateman, the wide receiver out of Minnesota. He's six feet tall and 190 pounds. He has NFL size and top end speed for what you're looking for in an outside wide receiver, and that's what Baltimore certainly needs. He's got awesome hands and he rarely drops a ball He can make the highlight level grab look really easy. I also like that he runs nice, clean, crisp routes, and is a very polished route runner coming out of college. Bateman is quick and agile, and he's elusive in after the catch situations. He has great instincts, as far as off script plays when his quarterback scrambles he really knows how to find his quarterback and come back to the ball and make big plays. He did beat up on lesser competition, and he was average to below average versus better competition, and that's a little bit of a red flag. Bateman has just an average burst off the line, and is  not a super expl

New Orleans Saints Draft Grade

The New Orleans Saints had the 28th pick in the first round and they took Payton Turner the defensive end out of Houston. He's 6'5" and 270 pounds. He's a big, long athlete and this guy fits the mold, perfectly for a 4-3 defensive end. I think he's a really good fit for what the Saints do on the defensive line. He's really quick and twitchy off the snap, and he shows a really good bend and agility in this pass rush. Turner has a ton of natural ability if you will, and he's a powerful player who has a natural bull rush he can use to really collapse the pocket. He's a violent tackler and he just wants to destroy ball carriers and quarterbacks when he gets his hands on him. The knocks on his game is that he does tend to play too tall and he gets his pad height up higher than coaches would like, but I think that's something that he can fix with coaching, I'm not too worried about that. Turner also did deal with knee and foot injuries at Houston so,

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Grade

The defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round with the 32nd pick, they took Joe Tryon, the outside linebacker from Washington. He's 6'5" 260 pounds, he ran a 4.6 40 yard dash and had a 35 inch vertical at his pro day. This is a player who was highly productive and a big time player in the Pac-12. In 2019 had 12.5 tackles for a loss, 8 sacks, 28 quarterback hurries, and he forced 15 incompletions in coverage. He opted out of the 2020 season after being named a preseason All American and a Butkus and Bronko Nagurski watch list guy, so he was coming into a year where people expected big things from Joe Tryon. He is a big time linebacker but is a guy who definitely flew under the radar a little bit. I thought he was a late first, maybe early second round pick, but I totally understand this selection by the Buccaneers because he's big, he's athletic and versatile. He even played some defensive tackle at Washington, just to explain how versati

Indianapolis Colts Draft Grade

The Colts started this draft by selecting Kwity Paye the defensive end from Michigan. He's an explosive player with a twitchy quickness for his size. He moves really well. Coaches rave about his leadership and he was a team captain who had a great work ethic, I really like that about him because I love those types of players, a locker room guy. Paye has quick hands and quick feet, and he's shown the ability on tape, to have the power to collapse the pocket. Now he's not a guy that was overly productive as far as sacks, but he's a guy that will give you consistent effort on every snap. Athletic ability is not an issue for this Paye, he's very athletic. He's definitely one of those guys that I don't think we've seen his best football just yet, because he only had 19 starts. Like I said, not a lot of stacks, but he gets pressure consistently NFL coaches and scouts were hoping that that would be the next step for him, and I'm sure Colts fans now are hopi

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Grade

We all know they had the first overall pick, and they took Trevor Lawrence the quarterback from Clemson. This is one of the highest rated quarterback prospects, ever. He's really that elite of a talent. He's an elite pocket passer, and he's a true duel threat runner, which makes him such a special weapon at the quarterback position. He's got a strong arm and he can make every throw. He can make that those deep, ball throws, the intermediate routes, there's really not a throw this kid cannot make. He went 84-6 as a starter going back to his high school days, so you want to talk about a winner at the quarterback level, this kid is that. He's a confident leader who's poised under pressure and crazy accurate with the football. Tough, big, and strong player who stares down the barrel and fires it in there, even under pressure, and that's something that I really love about his game. Now, if you're gonna pick anything against his game any knocks on his game

New York Giants Draft Grade

The New York Giants in the first round with pick number 20 took Kadarius Toney, the wide receiver out of Florida. He's six feet tall and 193 pounds. This is a guy is electric, and I mean a really electric wide receiver. He's explosive, he's shifty. He showed improvement, every season while he was at Florida, you got to love that about a guy who just continued to get better every time he was on the field. He always came to play and always brought it. He's a guy who plays a bigger than his size. A physical player and a big time playmaker. The one knock on him is that he dealt with injuries, I think it's somewhat of a red flag, but I talked about his toughness because he was a really tough wide receiver who actually played through a lot of those injuries while he was at Florida, I definitely love that about him. He's a sharp kid and a intelligent football player. He does need to become a complete route runner. That's one red flag as well but  I think he can wor

Dallas Cowboys Draft Grade

How about them Cowboys? I know a lot of people's ears perk up when they hear the Dallas Cowboys because they've got the moniker of America's team and one of the biggest fan bases in the NFL.  They had an intriguing draft and in the first round with pick number 12 they took Micah Parsons, the linebacker out of Penn State. He's six foot three 246 pounds. This guy ran a 4.3 40 yard dash at his pro day! Blazing speed for a cornerback or an elite wide receiver, but when you've got a 250 pound linebacker running that fast of a 40 it is impressive. This guy was the best defensive player in this draft class. I said it multiple times on the podcast, he's one of the guys that I'm really bullish on, he's my pick for defensive player of the year, an absolute steal at number 12 Overall. He was number six on my big board, so this is awesome value and a great pick by the Cowboys. He has incredible range, closing speed, ideal size, strength and quickness, he checks all