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Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Grade

We all know they had the first overall pick, and they took Trevor Lawrence the quarterback from Clemson. This is one of the highest rated quarterback prospects, ever. He's really that elite of a talent. He's an elite pocket passer, and he's a true duel threat runner, which makes him such a special weapon at the quarterback position. He's got a strong arm and he can make every throw. He can make that those deep, ball throws, the intermediate routes, there's really not a throw this kid cannot make. He went 84-6 as a starter going back to his high school days, so you want to talk about a winner at the quarterback level, this kid is that. He's a confident leader who's poised under pressure and crazy accurate with the football. Tough, big, and strong player who stares down the barrel and fires it in there, even under pressure, and that's something that I really love about his game. Now, if you're gonna pick anything against his game any knocks on his game, so to speak, there aren't very many because this guy checks just about every box but, I would say it would be the Clemson offense wasn't exactly pro style and it did give him some simpler reads, so I think he is going to have to learn a more advanced offense at the NFL level. He's also going to have to learn to read more advanced defenses than what he saw in the ACC, but there's no reason he won't be able to do that because he's a high IQ kid, and he has all the talent in the world to be able to do just that. The other knock on his game I would say is, he's an average deep ball thrower as far as his accuracy. He's not the deep ball thrower that we saw from Justin Herbert his rookie year who instantly became one of the best deep ball throwers in the NFL year one. He's not quite as good is Herbert in that regard but actually he's got a lot of similarities to Herbert as far as the size and ability to move in the pocket and just do so many things well. This is a franchise changing quarterback and a truly special prospect. This is a guy who'd be the number one pick in almost any draft because he's the best quarterback prospect in almost a decade. Trevor Lawrence biggest hurdle will be overcoming the dysfunction, that is the Jacksonville Jaguars, but from a talent standpoint, this kid's really gonna be fun to watch.

Later in the first round, Jacksonville at pick 25 took Travis Etienne the running back out of Clemson. Trevor Lawrence's teammate. He's 5'10" 215 pounds and this guy's a three down running back because he can catch out of the backfield. I'd say he's average in pass protection and that's probably something he could work on a little bit, but this guy is a home run hitter with big time breakaway speed. He had 78 touchdowns at Clemson and 16 Touchdown runs of 44 or more yards. So when he gets in the open field he can really take it to the house. Etienne is an absolute game breaker. He's a physical player who's not afraid to run you over but, he can run by you, like I said as well so he's a very balanced player. He allows his blocks to develop with patience and I really like that about his game. He needs to work on his ball security, he coughs it up a little too often. He's a great receiving back, but he does drop too many easy balls. I think that's something he's going to have to work on as well, but this is a guy who's the all time leading rusher in ACC history, so you're talking about a big time productive player. Etienne has a nice burst through the hole. He's got good balance and he's just a really good all around running back. We found out after the draft that Travis Etienne wasn't who the Jags were targeting with this pick. They wanted to Kadarrius Toney the wide receiver from Florida who ended up getting drafted by the Giants a few picks earlier. Reports have come out saying that Jacksonville could be using him as a wide receiver and that's head scratching, I think a hybrid role, maybe, but I can't see him full time on the outside. If he plays running back I like this pick a lot, but if they actually move him to wide receiver I don't think it makes a lot of sense to me. Why wouldn't the Jags just draft a wide receiver then? I'm not sure what to make of that I think he actually is going to be more of a hybrid player that maybe lines up outside. I think some of those rumors might be false. We'll see what happens. It's definitely intriguing the stories we're hearing out of Jacksonville. 

In the second round the Jags took cornerback Tyson Campbell. He's a talented player, but I think there were better players available, so I'm not that high on that pick. I did like the selection of offensive tackle Walker Little from Stanford. This is a kid who missed 2019 with an injury, and he opted out last season, but this is a guy who has a ton of talent, and some people even thought he might have been a first rounder, in this draft because he has that kind of ability. I also like the Andre Cisco selection, the safety from Syracuse. Cisco is a ball hawk who had 13 interceptions in college, and an injury last season is really the only reason he fell in this draft, but a really nice value pick by the Jaguars. This was a really nice first draft for the new regime in Jacksonville. I'm gonna give them an "A-" because I'm pretty high on this class by the Jaguars.

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