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Arizona Cardinals Draft Grade

This was an interesting draft for Arizona. In the first round at number 16 overall they took Zaven Collins, the linebacker out of Tulsa. He's 6'4" and 260 lbs. I had him as the number 23 player on my big board, so he went a little higher than I expected, but he should be a day one starter and a great fit to fill the role of Hasson Reddick who played last year for Arizona. He's the perfect player to fit what they're trying to do there and to fill that spot, so I actually really liked that pick from that standpoint. It's because he's just a super versatile linebacker. (We've talked about him on the podcast If you guys want to go back and listen) but this is a guy who can rush the quarterback, he can drop into coverage, he gets downhill and blows up running plays and his closing speed is outstanding. He's very quick to wrap up and get guys to the ground. Collins is a very complete player and he's super athletic for a guy that's 260 pounds. For his size this guy can really move. He doesn't always get off blocks like you'd like to see. I think that's something he's gonna have to work on, but that's a technical issue so I'm not going to bang on a guy too hard for something that I know coaching can clean up for him. I would also say he's got average instincts. He not as instinctual sometimes; he doesn't diagnose plays as quickly as you'd like to see, but there's so much to like about his game overall. I really liked this pick. I had Owusu-Koramoah ranked higher than Collins, but Zaven Collins should be a great fit for this defense that looks for really versatile linebackers that can do a lot of things on the field, and he checks that box for sure. In the second round the Arizona Cardinals took Rondale Moore the wide receiver out of Purdue. He's 5'7" and 175 lbs. I think this is a guy who should start in the slot day one because he's a dynamic playmaker inside the numbers. Coach Kliff Kingsbury more 4 wide receiver sets than any other NFL team. Moore I think is going to see the field early and often for the Cardinals. He's an explosive player who's awesome in space after the catch. He can really break plays open with his ability and his elusiveness. He's also a special teams contributor, and I love those guys because they add value to a football team. Moore is a very versatile weapon who lined up and ran the ball out of the backfield. He's really strong catching over the middle of the field, and he's also a vertical threat downfield, so he's a very complete wide receiver and overall player, although I don't know if he can be a deep threat versus NFL cornerbacks. I'm not sure he's going to be able to play on the outside. I'm not sure he'll be able to translate that to the NFL level, but he certainly showed that he could play on the outside in college. He's a little bit undersized; definitely not ideal size, but I think he's just big enough that he can play the slot position and he checks all the physical attributes that you're looking for. I do tend to question guys with this size because durability is a concern, and this is a player who had issues with durability at Purdue. He only played in seven games in the last two years because of injuries. The other big knock on him is he drops too many balls. When you watch his tape he lets those easy ones get away from him, which is gonna get you on the bench in a hurry at the NFL level, but overall Moore is an explosive playmaker, and he can really be a versatile weapon in this Cardinals offense. I think this was a risky pick however because like I stated prior he's injury prone with durability issues and with his size and at the next level it's concerning. If he can stay healthy I think he should be the perfect fit for this Kliff Kingsbury offense, and for what he wants to do, but it's going to be a matter of if he can stay on the field so that's, that's really where the risk comes.

I really liked the Zaven Collins selection in the first round. For me that was a homerun pick and a great player who fills a hole perfectly for what the Cardinals needed, and you have to love Rondale Moore's tape at Purdue when you watch this guy. Undersized guys with injuries usually don't pan out in the NFL, but I understand why they took him because if he can stay healthy, he can be a playmaker for sure. They needed help at cornerback and I liked third rounder Benjamin St.-Juste from Minnesota, and I also liked the pick of Dyami Brown, the wide receiver from North Carolina. Brown was a guy that I thought had second round talent, so I think that was a great value for where they got him. I don't like they didn't address running back position. I thought that was a position that they definitely needed to take, so I think it was a very good class, just not a great class, and that's why I'm giving them a "B" grade

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