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Pint Glass Football Podcast is a show with two guys who like to drink beer, and talk all things NFL and College Football, from in depth analysis to power rankings, interviews with football media professionals, NFL Draft breakdowns, College Football Top 25, game previews, betting lines and fantasy football.  Hosted by Brad Fowler and Tyrone Powell 
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College Football Week 3 Betting Picks

Nevada ML W. Michigan/Pittsburgh OVER 59 Coastal Carolina -12.5 Cincinnati -3.5 Temple +14.5 E. Michigan/U Mass OVER 55.5 Memphis +3.5 Virginia/UNC OVER 65.5 Georgia State -3.5 Marshall -10 Picks Provided By Pint Glass Football Betting Analyst Leland Bettencourt 

NFL Week 1 Betting Picks

Bills/Steelers OVER 48.5 Seahawks/Colts OVER 49.5 Jets +4.5 Vikings -3 Titans -3 Jaguars/Texans UNDER 44.5 Broncos -3 Saints +3.5 Browns +5.5 Bears/Rams OVER 46 Chargers +1.5 Picks provided by Pint Glass Football Betting Analyst Leland Bettencourt

College Football Week 2 Betting Picks

Pittsburgh -3.5 Wyoming -6.5 Ball State +12.5 1st HALF  Nebraska -13.5 Akron +6.5 Iowa State -4.5 Rice +8 Memphis/Arkansas State UNDER 64.5 Arizona MONEYLINE Colorado State -6.5 Utah -6.5 UNLV/Arizona State UNDER 53.5 Oregon State/Hawaii OVER 63.5 Miami -7.5 Michigan -6.5 Picks provided by Pint Glass Football Betting Analyst Leland Bettencourt

PGF College Football Top 25

1. Alabama  2. Clemson  3. Oklahoma  4. Ohio State  5. Georgia  6. Iowa State  7. Texas A&M 8. Notre Dame 9. Oregon  10. North Carolina  11. Cincinnati  12. Wisconsin  13. Miami  14. USC 15. Florida  16. Indiana  17. LSU 18. Iowa 19. Washington  20. Penn State 21. Utah 22. Arizona State  23. UCLA 24. Louisiana  25. Ole Miss

Carolina Panthers with guest Sheena Quick

PGF) I'm excited to be joined by Sheena Quick, beat writer for the Carolina Panthers, and you can hear her on Fox Sports Radio 1340 AM, and be sure to check out the halftime report on Revolt TV, Sheena thanks for coming on the show. SQ) Thanks for having me. It's always a pleasure when people want to hear me talk about football. PGF) Well, I'm really excited, I'm sure our listeners are going to be excited to hear a pro like yourself who covers the Panthers so in depth, and we're going to break it down and kind of get our listeners ready for the upcoming season so I want to start by asking you, entering his third season now defensive and Brian Burns might be the best young defensive player that America doesn't know about, he had more quarterback pressures than any other defender last year under the age of 25, could you talk about Brian Burns, and what can we expect from him this year? SQ) I expect Brian burns to have a monster season. We've already seen trace

LA Rams Draft Grade

The LA Rams didn't have a first round pick, because they traded that pick in the move to acquire Jalen Ramsey. In the second round the Rams selected TuTu Atwell the wide receiver out of Louisville. He's 5'7" and 155 lbs, and if you're unfamiliar with this player,  that's not a typo, this guy is actually 5'7" and 155 lbs. He's an explosive player. Atwell has some serious breakaway speed. He can pull away from defenders in the open field. He's quick and fast, and he has a sudden burst and quick change of direction, but he also has that top end speed where he can pull away from defenders. Atwell has an awesome burst in short yardage. He is really elusive and he's a shifty, explosive player. He's a lot of fun to watch. Atwell is also a very productive player; he led the ACC in receiving yards with 1276 yards in 2019. He did a lot of damage in that conference, and he, and he's a smart player. This is a guy who really knows how to get ope

Arizona Cardinals Draft Grade

This was an interesting draft for Arizona. In the first round at number 16 overall they took Zaven Collins, the linebacker out of Tulsa. He's 6'4" and 260 lbs. I had him as the number 23 player on my big board, so he went a little higher than I expected, but he should be a day one starter and a great fit to fill the role of Hasson Reddick who played last year for Arizona. He's the perfect player to fit what they're trying to do there and to fill that spot, so I actually really liked that pick from that standpoint. It's because he's just a super versatile linebacker. (We've talked about him on the podcast If you guys want to go back and listen) but this is a guy who can rush the quarterback, he can drop into coverage, he gets downhill and blows up running plays and his closing speed is outstanding. He's very quick to wrap up and get guys to the ground. Collins is a very complete player and he's super athletic for a guy that's 260 pounds. For